Our Purpose

The digital disruption taking place in the world is bringing about transformation in every industry, with no organisation spared. People at all the levels of these organisations need to learn new skills to help bring about transformation in order that the organisation can remain relevant.

Our Approach

Theanthropy aims to help these organisations develop core skills to implement transformation practices. We have been delivering workshop courses which will guide the organisations in their journey. Our courses cover content which meet the requirements of leaders and practitioners to manage the transformation. These courses are practitioner-based meaning they cover knowledge and experiences garnered from our community of IT leaders, besides academic content. Theanthropy has been regularly engaging this community to ensure we have the latest needs of the leaders of organisations.


Our leadership team comprises of practitioners and industry veterans.

Sharan Mangalore


Sharan has 15+ years of IT experience in Building and managing complex software products. He is a passionate Agile Coach with hands-on product development and delivery experience using Agile frameworks to achieve maximum business value. He has extensive hands-on experience in transforming organisations from start-ups to enterprises to the agile way of working, focusing on ‘being agile than doing agile’.
Sharan is playing a key role in developing capabilities by providing practice-based education in mainstream education and in the industry in today’s highly disruptive world. He has been acting as a career coach too.

Stuart Turner

Principal Instructor

With over 25 years working on product and organisational innovation, Stuart has conducted courses and workshops in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, USA, and Canada.

Stuart crosses the boundaries of product development, organisational design, and personal coaching. His background is in software engineering, chiefly applied in the financial services industry but his ongoing fascination with communities, neighborhoods, societies and each individual’s place within them has led him to become a certified coach, mentor, and trainer.

Our Clients

List of a few of our esteemed customers.

Our Clients

List of a few of our esteemed customers.

Our Partners

At Theanthropy we love partnering with organisations and people to develop healthy workplace ecosystems, which enable intelligent people to be highly productive and innovative. Such environments are now essential to support diverse, collaborative groups in tackling the many intractable problems of today’s increasingly complex and rapidly disruptable world.

Course leaders

Meet some of our instructors, who are leading industry practitioners.